" Konferencja o świadomym rodzicielstwie 17 grudnia 2022 r. - Uniwersytet SWPS."

Conference on conscious parenting December 17, 2022 - my mindful way

About the Conference:

Prospective parents wonder what their child will be like and what they will be as parents to them. They weave various dreams, fantasies, and plans that life quickly verifies. Parenthood leaves no illusions. It brings our shadows to the surface: emotional wounds, emptiness, internal pain, lack of patience or consistency. It is up to the parent what they will do with them. Suppressing and hiding weaknesses will only make them resurface with double force. The myth persists that parenting is intuitive, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is worth preparing well for the role of a parent as it entails many responsibilities and a great deal of accountability.

Parents quickly discover that they can control much less than they thought. Conscious parenting is never about the child; it is always about the parent. A conscious parent ceases to judge and try to influence the child and people around them, and instead begins their own transformation. The child becomes a mirror in which the parent can see themselves and notice areas of life that require inner work. Through this process, the parent begins to better understand their own emotions and heal the wounds that affect the child. If the child is disobedient, a conscious parent relinquishes control; if the child is inattentive, they practice concentration; if the child is slow, they exercise patience and composure, and if the child is forgetful, they learn to let go of attachment to things. A fearful child can teach their caregiver trust, a sensitive child can teach emotional stability, and a rebellious child can inspire unconventional thinking.

Most often, parents raise children by replicating patterns from their own upbringing or according to how they themselves would like to be raised. Therefore, it is always worth asking whether we are raising a separate individual or a miniature version of ourselves. Let us remember that children learn the most not from our words but from how we treat them. Being with a child mindfully, with calmness and readiness to provide support, is completely different from merely solving their problems by telling the little person, "Don't worry, everything will be fine."

The conferences are organized by Magdalena Wiatrowska (special education teacher, the first certified conscious parenting coach in Poland by Dr. Shefali Tsabary) with the assistance of Adrianna Skirmuntt (student at SWPS University) and the EduMind Foundation - Mindfulness in Education. The event is under the substantive supervision of our lecturer, Dr. Julia Wahl. SWPS University is a co-organizer of the conference.

Organizational Information:

The conference is free of charge. It will take place on December 17, 2022, at the Warsaw branch of SWPS University (ul. Chodakowska 19/31) in the Tomaszewski Auditorium (Room S201). Participants can attend in person or online. Registration is available via the registration form.


Conference Opening. Mindfulness and Compassion through the Eyes of Dr. Julia E. Wahl Recording


What are mindfulness and compassion, and what are they not? How do they intersect? How can they help? How can mindfulness and compassion strengthen the relationship between parents and children? This lecture focuses on the practical application of contemplative approaches drawing from Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT). The recording will also include a brief compassion practice.

Dr. Julia E. Wahl

Conscious Parenting – How and Why to Engage with Emotional Pain? Live Presentation in the Auditorium


Parenthood brings forth qualities in parents that they wouldn't suspect in themselves. Often, they react inadequately to new situations, such as yelling. They experience emotional pain. They are tired, sleep-deprived, and overwhelmed. Conscious parenting invites exploration of the depths of their fears and unwanted reactions. It opens up perspectives on acceptance, empathy, and change. Transformation takes place when a parent is ready to take full responsibility for their emotional state. How can this process be approached gently? How can one prepare for deep transformation? How can conscious parenting be practiced in everyday life?

Magdalena Wiatrowska

The Key to Unlocking the Four Chambers of the Heart: How to Establish Deep Dialogue with Your Child Live Presentation in the Auditorium


When do we feel seen and heard? What is needed for an authentic encounter with our own children? How can we handle emotionally challenging situations? How can trust be rebuilt after conflict? Answers to these questions can be found in the model of dialogue with an open heart. The model is based on the work of anthropologist Angeles Arrien.

Dr. Lidia D. Czarkowska



Mindfulness in Relationships, Mindfulness in Parenthood Live Presentation in the Auditorium


A lecture on the supportive function of mindfulness in building closeness between parent and child. How can one be close while maintaining autonomy? How can one reflect on what is authentic and important? How can choices be made? The first step towards changing internal patterns and schemas is awareness. Through mindfulness, we can learn to experience the relationship within ourselves, be close to ourselves and others.

Ewa Winiarska

Awareness of Special Needs or the Special Need for Awareness? How Mindfulness Can Support Parents of Children with Disabilities or Diagnoses Live Presentation in the Auditorium


The speaker will present research findings on the changes that have occurred in the lives of families where at least one adult has become more mindful and aware. She will share her own experiences in this regard. Listeners will learn why families with children who have disabilities or diagnoses should know the maxim "Don't worry that your child doesn't listen to you, but worry that your child observes you."

Weronika Chmielewska

Parenting with Challenges: How to Recognize a Child's Needs? Live Presentation in the Auditorium


The presentation will highlight the main principles of empathic upbringing for neurodiverse children and adolescents, including those who are most in need of support. The speaker will discuss the traps set for parents by the system and educational traditions in Poland.

Dr. Joanna Ławicka

Lunch Break Meals on your own


Case Study - Conscious Parenting in Practice Live Streaming from South Africa: Presentation


Tilley Fine was born and raised in South Africa, and at the age of 20, she moved to the United States. Although everyone's life is unique, Tilley Fine's story shares many commonalities with the experiences of Polish people. The lecture demonstrates the universality of certain experiences and how many seemingly individual decisions and experiences are largely influenced by our upbringing. The lecture will be translated into Polish.

Tilley Fine

Why Should We Love Our Children Less? Live Streaming from New York: Presentation + Q&A Session


Most of us received conditional love from our parents, meaning that we had to earn it through good grades, appropriate behavior, or achievements. Many of us perpetuate this pattern of parenting. We want what's best for our children. We do many things for them out of love... but it often turns out to be conditional love! Dr. Shefali Tsabary will discuss conditional love in child rearing and whether intuitive parenting exists. The presentation will be translated into Polish. A Q&A session will follow.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Growing with Mindfulness: Mindfulness Practices for Balance, Peace, and Resilience for Children, Adolescents, and the Whole Family Recording with Polish Subtitles


Listeners will learn why daily mindfulness practice is important, the benefits it brings, and how to find time for it. How do we know that mindfulness works? How can mindfulness support families where children are addicted to electronics? How can mindfulness be practiced with children? Dr. Chris Willard will provide practical tips and examples for parents.

Dr. Chris Willard

Happy and Strong Child: How to Protect Children from Mental Crises? Live Presentation in the Auditorium


Even young individuals can have big problems. Just like adults, they experience rejection, suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, engage in self-harm, contemplate suicide, and have emotional crises. Daily fear, a sense of being misunderstood, or pressure from the environment make them afraid to talk about it. How can we protect children from mental crises? How can we raise them to be strong and resilient in the face of difficulties? How can we ensure their happiness? Where should we seek help when we notice worrisome signs?

Monika Szubrycht

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