Nika Chmielewska - certyfikowana przez Mindfulness Association nauczycielka Kursu Życia Opartego na Uważności

Polish Radio for Children - Conversation with Weronika Chmielewska about Conscious Parenting

Conference for Parents: 'Conscious Parenting - How to Enhance the Well-being of Polish Families in Practice?' Co-organized by SWPS University, this is already the third conference on conscious parenting in Poland. Weronika Chmielewska from the Edumind Foundation discussed the upcoming conference program on Polskie Radio Dzieciom. Conscious parenting changes perspective by incorporating freedom and a sense that everything is as it should be. Control and judgment are left behind, and the way of perceiving problems moves towards acceptance, which stems from the work of observing and transforming strong emotions.

In conscious parenting, key elements include listening to the other person, respecting them, and not treating the child as someone lower in the hierarchy. When witnessing certain behaviors in a child, we do not pre-judge or criticize. We set aside our emotions and, based on mindfulness and compassion, look at what lies behind the behavior. It might be an unmet need that the young person is unable to articulate differently. 'An adult who is entangled in themselves and what is happening will not see it,' explained Weronika Chmielewska.

The path of conscious parenting invites us to pause and examine ourselves. 'The more aware we are of our needs as adults, how we want to live, and the values that guide us and that we want to instill in our family, the more it may turn out that not everything is for everyone,' added the president of the Edumind Foundation. We have many answers to our questions within ourselves, but consumed by daily life, we are not always able to reach them.

Conscious parenting is not just about the child but primarily about the parent. If we delve into ourselves and go back to the times when we were children, it will be easier for us to make appropriate decisions regarding our own children.

Show: Strefa Rodzica (Parent Zone)

Host: Joanna Ficińska

Guest: Weronika Chmielewska - President of the Edumind Foundation

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